Why I Need A PenStore?

When travelling to another country, people are often checking in / posting on social media to ask group members for advice as to what local shops are to be found in a certain city or country and which place is a must visit.

A simple internet search can give you much information but not every pen store will be listed or easily found that way. And with relying on social media, you are limited to the people who read the post and had the time to provide a detailed answer.

Therefore, we created this page. To help you find a pen store when planning travel or when you are new to the hobby, to find what is near to you.

I Need A Pen Store

What can you find?

We are listing pen stores which have at least a decent collection of fountain pens and associated products as ink and paper. The store needs to have a physical presence which is open to (walk in) visitors and located in a ‘shopping’ district.

Next to that, we are also (separately) listing manufacturers including country and price level. This to aid you on your quest to find brands and or pens which suit you.

By default the shop search shows all shops listed. In order to find a store in a defined city, just type the city name in the search by location field.
If you want to find shops in a certain area, change from grid layout to map layout, type the location and click search.
It will now show all listed pen shops in the area.

For stores and manufacturers

Stores and manufacturers are added at No charge.

Creating and maintaining a website like this does come with a cost though. Therefore we only ask for a small fee, if you would like to add additional information like your logo and or your own page with more detailed information and pictures of your company or social media links.

We only add stores whose main focus is pens and have a physical store, open for visitors.

What can you do?

It may come as no surprise that the success of an overview like this greatly depends on the input from people like you.

Locals with knowledge of the local market and travelers who find a wonderful pen store on their travels.
When you know of places which you think should be listed, but are not, please inform us so we can list them and help others on their future search.

You can inform us by, on this website, click the text Add, chose visitor and you can enter the details of the shop or manufacturer you’d like to see added.
When travelling, or when passing by a shop, you may not have time to complete a form. Not to worry.
You can also let us know, on the go by either sending a message to our Whatsapp, Telegram, Instagram or Facebook accounts. In such case, please add a picture of the shop, with name and location (street and city). We’ll then take care of the rest.
Links for these are shown on the bottom of the page.

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